I live in a cemetery.

maxandmummy replied to your post: I’m confused as to why you’re buying sexy…

also you can buy underwear to feel good. I’m pretty sure you buy something to make yourself happy first and if someone else likes it then it’s a bonus.

Exactly! Shopping makes me happy, underwear makes me happy and it feels good to go out knowing you have something pretty underneath whether someone else get’s to see it or not! :)

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have you got an induction date hun? honestly try and sleep or at least take a few baths!

Seeing the midwife monday for a sweep and to book an induction :(

I have been having baths and naps but I’m so fed up, I just can’t relax.

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You don’t actually need loads. Mums just like buying loads! You having a boy or girl? X

It is a boy :D

I don’t think we have got an excessive amount of stuff but even the basics cost a lot more than I was expecting! Pram, car seat, moses basket with stand, sheets and blankets, clothes, bibs, bottles, steriliser, baby bath, more furniture to store everything blah blah :| I’m sure it could be done on a budget but I’ve tried to get everything now rather than picking things up as and when you need them.

But you are right I like every other women like shopping and getting cool things that I probably don’t need :P

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Sleep, relax, go to the cinema, you will miss it!

I am trying! Went for a manicure yesturday but most days it’s too hot for me to go out at the moment, I just keep swelling up :(

So I really am stuck in the house waiting around x